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Topic Neighborhood Fileshare: Explore file storage systems on a local network
Description This session will start with unpacking what it means to store files on a local network, learn how data flows in distributed file storages systems such as Dat and IPFS, then discuss use cases. There will be hands-on workshops where we will build a system to send files over a pair of wireless radios, and casual discussion sessions on ownership and control of these tools.
Hopes & dreams Identify communities among participants that may find this useful and explore local use opportunities
Core facilitators  @benhylau, Pam (People's Open)
Main contact
Participation Anyone can participate, especially people who find this useful in their local community. Not appropriate for children under the age of 12. We'd also love if someone can help video/document the sessions as it is a unique opportunity to share our many different perspectives.
Why participate If you are interested in community ownership and governance of digital infrastructures, or running local services on a mesh network, this session is for you!
Keywords Distributed file store, local network, common infrastructure, governance
Spaces Meadow, Other: Tent
Session rundown 2h on Day 1, in a Tent, facilitated discussion to establish shared understanding of local networks and how files are stored
  2h on Day 1, across the Meadow, connect two Dat / IPFS nodes with a cable and wirelessly and share files across two computers, under different network conditions
  1h on Day 2, guided tour, walk around wireless meshnet infrastructure around The Farm
  2h on Day 2, hang out during dinner, discuss possibilities with the shared knowledge we have established and explore themes around governance and imagine future opportunities
Material requirements from organizers Blackboard, local mesh network switch access
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