Camp Day Three July 20 Lightning Talks What's Up With IPFS


Molly Mackinlay

IPFS Project Lead, IPFS Project


This talk will briefly explain how IPFS addresses content (files, directories, etc).

What will You learn?
How IPFS addresses content (CIDs) and what goes into a content address in IPFS (multibase, multiaddr, multicodec).

Molly Mackinlay
Project Lead, IPFS

Molly Mackinlay is the Project Lead for IPFS - the InterPlanetary File System. After spending 5 years at Google managing products like Native Client, Google Classroom, and mobile Search while participating in the wider IPFS community in "1% time" - she now spends her time identifying and coordinating action on the most important challenges in the IPFS ecosystem. Her responsibilities as Project Lead extend from yearly priority setting to cross-working group coordination, and everything in between.


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