Camp Day Two July 19 Lightning Talk Enhanced Privacy With Decentralized Identity By Yisi Liu

CTO, Dimension
Talk about the identity and privacy related issues and then proposes our solution towards a privacy-preserved Internet.

What will You learn?
The rising concern of privacy leaks and abuses and how we the users could and should do to fight against it.
Yisi Liu
CTO, Dimension

Yisi is now working with fantastic developers at on various projects towards a decentralized and privacy-preserving web. He is focusing on how to apply cryptography algorithms and schemes to the real world, including two ongoing projects at Dimension, and, to bring users a web with privacy. He used to be a natural language processing researcher but decided to work on real world cryptography and data privacy protection when he realized the double edged sword of how big companies are using and "abusing" user's data in their lives. He is a true believer of a decentralized web and would like to bring it to more users all over the world.


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