Camp Day Two July 19 Lightning Talk What Are Image Graphs Margaret Warren


Margaret Warren

owner/founder/creator, Metadata Authoring Systems, LLC/ImageSnippets

Listeners will consider the ideas image graphs. Like knowledge graphs,
images and their metadata can be represented as nodes and edges in a
graph made up of linked data URI's. The data can then be decoupled -
while remaining linked to the image. Image data structured in this way
not only facilitates access to the images through a variety of
decentralized techniques and processes including Solid Pods, and added
value through blockchain techniques but it can preserve provenance,
context, intention and copyright intentions for the image maker.
Margaret Warren
Artist, Technologist, Founder, Image Snippets

Margaret Warren is an artist and technologist. She is the creator of the ImageSnippets, a system for describing images using linked data, semantic web and knowledge representation techniques. 

As an artist, Margaret creates works in 2D and 3D and installation pieces in multiple styles and mediums and has been actively involved in the arts since she was a child. She has been associated with numerous galleries in Northwest Florida and was a studio artist at First City Art Center in Pensacola, Florida for over 3 years and a program director and on the board of the Arts & Design Society in Fort Walton Beach for over 4 years. Her work has been shown and sold internationally and commissioned by clients. 

She is also a co-founding member of a collaborative art group called the Southeastern Art Players (SAP) that has been in existence for almost 10 years. Over the years, SAP has had many art ‘camps’, art parties and given many workshops and demonstrations of collaborative art ‘playing’. The work created by SAP is very different from any of the work that is created independently by any one member of the group and this has been one of the most rewarding realizations of the SAP experience. The SAP work has won awards, been purchased into the prestigious Cinco Banderas collection in Pensacola, Florida, used for an academic book cover and sold into collections all over the world.


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